Tulare County Homeless Fund

Donations to the Homeless Fund will help supply toiletries, clothing, identification card/application fees, furnishings, or cooking utensils/appliances, or may fund expenses like a utility bill or car repair for those experiencing, at risk for, or exiting homelessness.

Tulare County Emergency Relief Fund

Your donations to the Friends of Tulare County Emergency Relief Fund Program will support emergencies in a wide-scale effort to protect the safety of persons and property in Tulare County. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting Tulare County in March 2020, COVID-19 and previous local emergencies have taken a toll on County resources.  

K/T AAA - Senior Day in the Park

K/T AAA sponsors the annual “Senior Day in the Park,” featuring games, exhibitor booths, music, food, and live entertainment. Your kind donations help us provide specialty events that give the seniors a real thrill, like live music, our photo booth, a classic car show, and the annual cake walk.

Tulare County Parks & Recreation Adopt an Arbor

You can support the parks! Adopt-An-Arbor is an innovative way for businesses, community groups, and individuals to provide financial support for the refurbishment and maintenance of Tulare County parks.

Probation Youth

Donations to the Probation Youth programs, which include the Family Preservation, Team Supervision, and Foster Youth units, provide needed supports for youth on probation who have multiple, complex needs.

Animal Services - Spay/Neuter

For some people, accessing veterinary care or having their animals spayed or neutered and vaccinated can be difficult to afford. Donations to the Animal Services Spay/Neuter Fund help provide reduced-cost spay/neuter vouchers and help bring mobile spay/neuter clinics to small communities with no access to veterinary care.

Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health (MCAH)


Donations to the MCAH program help us extend services to low-income, at-risk women and children, as well as pregnant or parenting teens. From early and continuous prenatal care to programs that help give babies a healthy start, MCAH programs focus on women of childbearing age and provide services for expectant and postpartum mothers and their infants up through age 3, as well as for babies who have special medical needs.

Additionally, our Cal-Learn and Adolescent Family Life Programs provide supportive services to teens under the age of 19 who have not graduated from high school and are receiving cash assistance, plus a variety of supportive services to teens under the age of 18 who are pregnant or already have a child. Your donations will help us assist these vulnerable populations and improve outcomes.