Tulare County DA Victim/Witness Assistance

Victims of violent crime can incur major financial and emotional losses. Donations to the Victim/Witness Assistance Division can help by providing for victims of crime and their specific needs when other state or grant funds are unable to assist. Your donations may also support crime victim-related public education and outreach activities.

Tulare County Parks–Mooney Grove Monuments, Memorials & Recreational Features

Your generous support will help Tulare County Parks & Recreation repair and maintain the monuments, memorials, and recreational features of Mooney Grove Park. We welcome donations of money, time, services, and/or materials from interested patrons. 

K/T AAA - Stockings for Senior Citizens

Show a senior that you care by donating to the Stockings for Seniors drive! Your generous donation will help keep homebound senior citizens warm, uplift their spirits, and improve mental wellness, as they anticipate the holiday celebrations.

Homeless Fund

Donations to the Homeless Fund will help supply toiletries, clothing, identification card/application fees, furnishings, or cooking utensils/appliances, or may fund expenses like a utility bill or car repair for those experiencing, at risk for, or exiting homelessness.

COVID-19 Listos California Grant: Free COVID-19 Testing in Tulare County


Disclaimer: The COVID-19 testing practices have reverted back to initial testing protocol, effective July 23, 2020. The California Department of Public Health has prioritized testing based on risk factors. The below videos ran July 1-21, 2020. 


Free COVID-19 testing is now available in Tulare County, whether you are showing symptoms or not. Getting tested can be quick and easy. Here’s how to get tested:

1.  Visit tchhsa.org/gettested.

2.  Find a site near you and contact them to schedule an appointment.

3. Remain in your vehicle while a health care worker administers the test.

4. You’ll be notified of your results within a few days.

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Get tested. Stay healthy.


Get Tested (ASL) HHSACommunity on Vimeo.

Get Tested (English) HHSACommunity on Vimeo.

Get Tested (Spanish) HHSACommunity on Vimeo.

Get Tested (Lahu) HHSACommunity on Vimeo.


Get Tested (Tagalog) HHSACommunity on Vimeo.


Get Tested (Hindi) HHSACommunity on Vimeo.