Adult Protective Services


Your donations to the Adult Protective Services program help to purchase emergency food supplies and hygiene products when clients are temporarily in need. Contributions also help in the purchase of promotional outreach items for Elder Abuse Awareness Month activities—an annual event to educate the community on how to recognize and report elder abuse.

The Adult Protective Services (APS) program has the very serious responsibility of helping dependent or elderly (age 65 or over) adults remain safely in their homes by responding to requests for help or reports of negligence or abuse. The most common reason to need help from APS is self-neglect, where someone's safety or well-being is in question due to being unable to take care of basic needs like taking medicines, managing money, keeping the home clean and stocked with nutritious food, doing laundry, or bathing. After investigating the situation, APS can provide counseling, referral to legal services, and connections to other community services and benefits.