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Friends of Tulare County Brochure


Friends of Tulare County was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on October 20, 2003. Friends of Tulare County is dedicated to promoting the safety, health, and well-being of all residents of Tulare County and strives to assist underrepresented and disadvantaged populations of all ethnicities and cultures through donations, charitable giving, and grant funding.

Friends of Tulare County accepts donations on behalf of the County of Tulare, including programs and services provided by the Health & Human Services Agency, the Kings/Tulare Area Agency on Aging, Tulare County DA, Fire, Fish & Wild Life, Parks & Recreation, Probation, StepUp, and the Suicide Prevention Task Force.  

Friends of Tulare County is an all-volunteer organization consisting of seven Board Members. All board member positions are unpaid, and all work performed by Friends of Tulare County representatives with regard to solicitation of donations and applications for grant funding are performed by unpaid volunteers.

Current Board Members:

  • Michelle Bonwell, Tulare County Probation Department—President/Chair
  • Timothy Lutz, Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency—Vice-Chair/Secretary
  • Jennifer Flores, Tulare County Counsel
  • John Hess, Tulare County Administrative Office
  • Chief Charlie Norman, Tulare County Fire Department
  • Darla Wegener, Tulare County Library

We welcome your support of our efforts to add joy and inspiration, and to increase the overall well-being of the community in which we all live and serve. To learn more about how you can make a difference, call (559) 624-8000 or send an email to