Animal Control Dog Adoptions

Animal Control Dog Adoptions: The Tulare County Dogs Adoptions program puts hundreds of shelter dogs in homes that are looking for a fantastic pet. Without this program, the majority of these dogs would be euthanized. The Dog Adoptions program is spearheaded by staff and volunteers who coordinate dog adoptions events, sponsorships and volunteer assistance. The Dog Adoptions Program is facilitated by a foster parent dog program that enables dogs with adoption potential that may need some additional time, veterinary care and training to receive personalized attention and care in a family environment before they are adopted. In some cases, the costs of adoption, including licensing, vaccinations and microchips are paid for by sponsorships.



Child Welfare Services - Children's Toy Drive - 2017

Child Welfare Services (CWS) 2017 Children's Toy Drive

Collecting Toys from Monday, October 2nd through Friday, December 1st

Click here for the CWS Toy Drive