Recent Activity


Friends of Tulare County Program Activity Highlights
April 21, 2017 – July 27, 2017



  1. Animal Services
  1. Received $1,879.33 in donations


  1. Children’s Toy Drive
  1. Received $238.00 in donations


  1. Sheriff K-9 Unit
  1. Purchased 2 K-9 dogs for $14,580.00 from Top Dog Training Center


  1. K/T AAA
  1. Received $45.50 in donations
  1. Expended $1,230.29 on advertising and security for Senior Day in the Park event


  1. Probation Placement Unit
  1. Expended $124.50 on an Amtrak ticket to send a youth released from custody to be with family and avoid placement into Foster Care
  1. Expended $29.97 on a gym membership for a youth being supervised by Family Preservation Unit, allowing for participation in a pro-social activity and encouraging progress on probation


  1. Suicide Prevention Task Force
  1. Received $113.09 donation via Facebook from an individual who encouraged friends to donate in lieu of birthday gifts


  1. Project Lifesaver
  1. Expended $734.84 on transmitter equipment and batteries used for the program


  1. Mental Health
  1. Received $385.00 in donations
  1. Expended $330.82 on gift cards and a bicycle for prizes at Recovery Champions picnic on May 18th


  1. NEOP (Nutrition Education & Obesity Prevention)
  1. Received $100.00 donation from Smart & Final