Wish List: Year Round Needs for Animal Services

  • Oct 24, 2018

Every year, the Tulare County HHSA finds ways to support community needs such as the Animal Services Wish List.

Tulare County Animal Services provides a “wish list” of items to be donated towards animal care and adoption services. Donations are welcome all year round and are greatly appreciated. “Wish list” items can include:  towels, grooming supplies, puppy pads, toys, treats, dry food, or similar other items.

Not only are Tulare County employees encouraged to donate, but community members are as well. Volunteering or proving a donation in ways that can serve the community is important throughout the county. It can increase the knowledge of resources available to solve community needs, and HHSA is committed to providing help and resources to anyone in need as we continue to model the Agency’s vision of “Healthy children and adults, supportive families, and thriving communities.”